The Movie Locations Tour with actual cast

Thailand, Chiang Mai

About the Tour

Unique tour in the footsteps of Sylvester Stallone with an actual Rambo actor

You'll visit all key filming locations of Rambo (2008). Most of the scenes was filming in only 4 locations and you will visit them all.

You don't need to worry about transportation or related equipment. You won't have to walk much. You will spend the entire journey from one location to another in an air-conditioned car. And the most important thing is that, unlike the plot of the film, where all the action took place on the border with Burma, the real filming locations are located not far from the city of Chang Mai, and we will don't have to travel far. The tour does not require special preparation and it has no age limit. The entire tour will take no more than 4 hours and will not require you to travel long distances on foot, climb to a height or pass through the jungle.

Isn't unique enough? Well, your guide is the actor who played a Snake Hunter in the opening scenes of the film. Just as he accompanied John Rambo through the scenic landscapes of Northern Thailand, he will accompany you.

Your Guide

Khun Lek was playing a companion of the John Rambo for catching snakes. You might remember him in opening scenes of this great movie. He will become your companion in this unique journey, take you to the filming locations and tell you a couple of stories

The Tour detail

Pick up

We will pick up you from your accomodation or other location in Chiang Mai any time convenient for you between 9am to 2pm

Our adventure starts here

Snake farm and King Kobra Show

After pick up all our adventures we will be heading here. This is the movie like snake farm. We starts here. It will be able to immerse you in the atmosphere of the first scenes of the film, and here you will enjoy of snake show, the same as it was at second scene of the Movie. Why is the snake farm like in the movies but not the one used for the movie? The fact is that the object used in the film as the snake farm where John Rambo lived, not actually a snake farm, however, the place is exist and after we will heading there too.

Movie Location #1

Rambo's Snake Village

This is the place that was used as a Maesa Snake Village. The place where John Rambo lived and met missionaries for the first time. You might recognise some familiar objects since it still look pretty much same as it was in the movie.

Movie Location #2

River shore

The place where Rambo brought the American commandos. Also here was filmed the legendary scene of Rambo’s massacre of the enemies using a heavy machine gun.

Movie Location #3

The Camp

A military camp where volunteers were held captive. However, this camp has already been rebuilt over time, and may look different from what was used in the film, as other films are periodically filmed here.

Movie Location #4

Boat trip

From here you will begin a short journey along the river to the reservoir where the explosions were filmed. However, those of our Rambo team who would prefer not to travel by water can stay at a wonderful Thai family restaurant on the coast and enjoy their signature fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, and relax while the rest of our Rambo team takes a boat trip.

Tourist Feedback

It happens that I became the first one who went through the adventure. It's became very important moment of my traveling in Thailand. I’m beyond grateful to Som and Khun Lek who let me go trough this, acccompationg me and gave me this absolutely uniq experience. Thank you my friends!


Rambo tour's first discoverer